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Open email asking organizations to back the Webform module and Drupal-related Open Collectives

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Following up from my previous blog post, "Asking organizations to back a Drupal-related Open Collective."

Below is the email I am sending to organizations within the Drupal community asking them to become a $10 monthly backer of the Webform module and Drupal-related Open Collectives. This email will be sent to people I have spoken to directly at Drupal camps and meetups, as well as organizations listed on the Drupal marketplace.

Hi [person or company],


My name is Jacob Rockowitz and I am one of the proud maintainers of the Webform module. The Webform module is one of Drupal's most installed modules. It provides all the features expected from an enterprise proprietary form builder combined with the flexibility and openness of Drupal.


After three years of hard work, the Webform module for Drupal 8 now has a stable release. As with most open source projects, there is still work to be done. To help support our work, the maintainers of the Webform module have set up an Open Collective.


At [event] we spoke briefly about [company] becoming a backer of the Webform and other Drupal-related Open Collective. Open Collective provides a transparent system to collect and distribute funds to help support the Drupal community’s ongoing efforts. We are going to use Open Collective to collect funds to help build, maintain, and promote the Webform module and its add-ons and integrations. Our goal is to help everyone have a successful experience using the Webform module. For us to help you succeed, we need to know what you need.


It is reasonable that organizations may have reservations about committing resources to open source projects. For large enterprise projects, providing some financial support will ensure stability and growth. Open Collective provides an easy way for organizations to get involved. It is also possible for us to leverage Open Collective to prevent any technical hurdles from delaying your projects. For example, Open Collective can be used to push bug fixes, sponsor a feature, get support, provide training, improve documentation, and even mentorship.


Drupal, in its current form, is amazing because everyone has contributed to it in extraordinary ways. We collaborate on the code to build ambitious enterprise websites and applications. The biggest unknown when installing an open source module or theme is, "Is this software supported?" and "How can I get help?". Backing a Drupal-related Open Collective will help address both of these concerns and more.


Please consider becoming a $10 monthly backer of the Webform and other Drupal-related Open Collective including and Drupal Recording Initiative.


If you have ideas on how we could use Webform's Open Collective to help you and your clients succeed, please post your comments on this blog post.


Thanks for listening,

Jake Rockowitz and fellow Webform maintainers

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