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The tale of two possible Webform logos

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Response to request

After posting my request for a Webform logo, Jeff Masigan (jeffmasigan) the owner of Pixel Architect Web Design Inc. reached out via Drupal Slack, offering to design the Webform module's logo and even have it printed on tee-shirts for DrupalCon Seattle. It is hard to turn down the prospect of giving out Webform tee-shirts at the Advanced Webform session. Lili, my 10-year-old daughter, is very excited to have Webform tee-shirt added to her growing Drupal tee-shirt collection.

Two other awesome members of the Drupal community, Christian Okpada (ojchris37) and Jürgen Appel, responded with proposals and ideas. While thinking about Jeff's Webform logo tee-shirt offer, I also realized that Jeff and I had met in the Webform issue queue via Issue #3032244: Webform - Route Not Found Exception. This issue was one of those frustrating 'gotcha' problems that we were able to work through and fix. Seeing that Jeff had a history in the Webform issue queue and even earned an issue commit credit, this finalized my decision to work with Jeff and Pixel Architect.

Drupal Seattle was only a few weeks away, so Jeff and I came up with a tight timeline and got to work.

First designs
Webform Logos

Pixel Architect's designer came up with a bunch of icon and color variations. I initially thought the Webform logo might use a checkbox icon but when I saw the miniaturized contact form; I was sold. First off, a contact form is the only out-of-the-box form installed by the Webform module. Second, this default contact form is used in most Webform related presentations and screencasts. Finally, including a form in the logo captures the mission of the Webform, which is to build awesome forms.


So my vote is for mini contact form logo but Youri van Koppen (MegaChriz) and Christian Okpada (ojchris37) weighed in preferring the WF logo. Four people's opinions only represent a tiny sampling of the close to 500,000 installations of the Webform module, so Jeff and I decided to let people vote on the Webform module's logo at DrupalCon Seattle.

The two Webform logo finalists
The two Webform logo finalists

Jeff and I are splitting the cost of hand-out cards encouraging people to vote on the Webform module's logo. Since these cards are somewhat self-promoting, the Webform module's Open Collective's fund won't be used to pay for these. I am still trying to figure out how to reasonably and adequately spend Open Collective funds.

The Webform logo and tee-shirts, which are a great use of collect funds, would not be possible without the organizations and individuals who are backing Webform module's Open Collective.


Who wants a tee-shirt?

At DrupalCon Seattle, I will have a dozen or so Webform tee-shirts to give away after my Advanced Webform session on April 11th at 9:00 AM.

Outside of my presentation, I am going to prioritize giving these tee-shirts out by:

  • Webform maintainers
  • Backers of the Webform module's Open Collective
  • Someone who will wear this tee-shirt at DrupalCon.
Attend Advanced Webforms presentation to win a Webform t-shirt
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