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Hello again. After spending the summer building out the Blueprints module, it feels like a good time to record a quick demo and walkthrough of all the new features and functionality added to the module.

The integration and mapping user interface have not changed much since my first short demo. I did build out JSON:API and JSON-LD support. The content authoring experience now leverages standard best practices, including multimedia support, embedded content, content browsing, inline entity editing, entity usage, content cloning, drag-n-drop file uploads, and link management. Lastly, there are examples of progressive decoupling using Next.js with PDF generation. I have also put together a lot of documentation and resources along the way.

I hope you enjoy my short demo of many cool new things. Hopefully, you can catch my longer Blueprints presentation in person at an upcoming DrupalCamp or online via a session recording. Feel free to share your comments and questions below.

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